Professionele opvang voor uw kind

Connected with the True Colors app


The app allows you to exchange information about your child and organise your childcare. With the app or the direct link on the homepage of the SRK website you enter your personal page.

An overview of the most important options:

  • ouderkonnect_schriftje_kinderen.jpgCancelling the care due to ilness or holiday, applying for extra care days or exchanging a day.
  • Photos of your child´s experiences (0-12 years) can be found in their digital notebook.
  • Report of your child’s experiences (0-4 years) in their digitial notebook.
  • Apply for the holiday weeks and the school-free days for your child. This also applies to the days during term time when your child usually comes to out-of-school care.
  • Exchanging messages with your child’s teachers.
  • You can also find your invoices and annual statements on the app.

24/7 available

The pedagogical team can send you a message directly, but you can also send messages to the team. However, care for the children will always be our highest priority. The staff will therefore aim to read the messages once a day. If you have a message which is very important, please call us!

A valuable addition

This way, we would like to make the communication with you as a parent even better, without replacing the contact you already have with the teachers while picking up (or when bringing) your child. 

Downloading and installing the app

You can download the app for free from the App Store (Apple) or from the Google Play Store (Android). Search for ‘SRK Kinderopvang’ for the correct app. If you do not have a smartphone or tablet go to and click on ‘SRK app’ or via the direct link:

Language switch

The app is standard in the Dutch language. Would you prefer the English version? That you can set yourself. Please log in and go to 'Mijn gegevens' (my data), then to 'mijn instellingen' (my settings). Finally to 'taalinstellingen' (language settings). Select now the language.


Please download the manual how to use the True Colors app at your convenience (in English).


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Kinderopvang dicht bij huis, werk of school.

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