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Mother Nature's playground

Every child loves playing out. And what better environment to play out in every day than our wonderful Mother Nature’s playground? Foraging in the exciting discovery corners; chasing around in a game of hide-and-seek or splashing about with water. Or how about studying the creepy crawlies in the insect house? Our smallest guests have their own special corner: from prickly washing up brushes and soft feathers to noisy pots, pans and horns, our fascinating touch and feel walls are full of surprises to stimulate the senses and engage even the youngest minds. As soon as the sun comes out, so do we! We slide open all the doors to create a world of indoor and outdoor play and creative activity. Dining out in our picnic corner is a favourite for all our guests. Even more exciting is picking fresh cherry tomatoes, radish or salad for lunch from our rooftop garden with our very own fresh vegetable plots. At True Colors we help your children appreciate and enjoy nature and all it has to offer.

Meet and make friends

Whether they’re inside or out, children love to play together. Our large ‘meet and make friends’ spaces are a particular favourite – that’s why we have one on each floor. Interactive play zones ensure children of all ages have fun and at the same time are challenged to be creative. Take our children’s kitchen for example, where yummy treats are prepared by our budding young chefs.

Talking about self confidenceCreativity and self confidence go hand-in-hand

The dressing up corner and shop encourage self confidence and stimulate interaction. And it doesn’t stop there! At True Colors, encouraging creativity goes further, in the form of music and crafts. The reading lounge provides an inviting environment in which children can relax and let their imagination drift into the exiting world of storytelling, or while away their time browsing through one of the many picture books in our book corner. Our specially designed children’s touch screen computer is both fun and of course educational. 

Helping your children learn Dutch

puk.jpgInteraction and communication are key to a child’s development. That’s why we encourage children whose native language is other than Dutch to visit Puk in his ‘home’. Puk helps children learn new Dutch words and takes them on a journey of discovery in the Dutch language teaching program: Puk & Ko. Puk can be found in all our activities, stimulating children to learn Dutch through play and fun.


thee_051.jpgTea at True Colors

It is not only ‘what’ you eat that belongs to a child’s development, but also ‘how’. 'Isn’t it wonderful to drink tea with the children from real tea cups. It’s one of our daily rituals and the children love it. It has become a quiet moment for all of us.’


Make you feel at home

Many parents of children at True Colors work for international organisations such as the European Patent Office and Shell. However, our services are available for all parents interested in an international, educational environment for their child. Our staff are experienced in helping and supporting parents and children of different nationalities. Particularly when families have recently arrived in the Netherlands, it’s important for children to quickly feel at home and have someone who can say a few words in their language. Children are encouraged to bring their favourite game or toy with them, and our family photo wall helps create a warm and welcoming environment. Children enjoy showing their new friends photos of  Mum, Dad, brothers and sisters, as well as Grandma and Grandad. We are happy to speak English to parents but – at the request of our parents – aim to speak as much Dutch as possible with the children. This is good for the language development of all our children and especially those who get little or no exposure to Dutch at home.

We strive to bridge cultural differences as much as possible and encourage the children to celebrate these differences, for example through enjoying national festivals and also sharing a cooked meal together at lunchtime. Even the snacks during the day have an international flavour. In addition to the tasty Dutch cherry tomatoes, children can also choose a delicious olive, for example. Thanks to the photo screen in the hall, parents also get the chance to enjoy some of the activities we do while chatting to a member of our educational team and other parents. You may well struggle to get your child to come home! Because you can be sure they have had a fabulous time.

Great fun for children

Great fun for children

Children love having their hair done by our children’s hairdresser, who visits us regularly. They have enormous fun in our splash room, where they can get used to playing with water before they start swimming lessons. Music lessons, children’s yoga and our toddlers’ gym are just some of the other activities to stimulate and encourage children at True Colors.

Fully trained and experienced teamFully trained and experienced team

All pedagogical workers are qualified to work with children. Moreover, each group has its own  permanent professional team of pre-school specialists – each of whom is trained in child first-aid and recognising the signs of child abuse. They welcome the chance to discuss your child’s development with you. In addition, we also have two pedagogic specialists (educational coaches) on our staff, to provide extra support. And, if necessary, we can also call on further additional support from our pedagogical staff.

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For children from 6 weeks up to 4 years.


phone: 070-7920270


Access member

Access member

Opening hours

Working days from 7.30-18.30 hrs.


Warm meals

Music lessons

Children's yoga

Toddlers' gym

(all-inclusive hourly rate)



Served from 7.30-8.15 hrs. for children from 1 year up (healthy sandwiches).


Weekly pre-swimming lessons for children from 2,5 years up (€55 for 10 lessons).


Does your child need a hair cut? No problem. The hairdresser visits our creche.

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  • Eveline van Waas
  • Karel Doormanlaan 1
  • near Plaspoelpolder (EPO and Shell)
  • 2283 AG Rijswijk
  • 070 79 20 270

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