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Information about True Colors


Pedagogical vision

True Color’s vision statement reads:

“We stimulate children to develop positively in an atmosphere of trust and respect through challenging activities in interaction with others”

The key elements of our pedagogical vision are a warm welcome, interaction and connection. Our primary pedagogical goals are:

  • Offering emotional safety
    Emotional safety contributes to a child’s wellbeing; if a child feels safe, he is free to explore and develop.
  • Promoting personal competence
    Helping children to discover their talents and interests and helping them to establish and maintain a positive self-image.
  • Promoting social competence
    Enabling children to get the most out of playing together as part of a group.
  • Helping children assimilate morals and values
    Teaching children the boundaries and what others expect of them.


true_colors250.jpgTrue Colors is an international childcare centre where our Early Learning Specialists all speak Dutch to the children. However, don’t worry if you don’t speak Dutch, as the whole pedagogical team speaks at least one other language, mostly English, so all our written and spoken communication with parents is in English.

The children’s parents come from a wide variety of different European countries. Many of these parents are bringing up their children to be multilingual, speaking two, three or even four languages. Our agreement with parents is that our pedagogical team only use the Dutch language when speaking to the children. As so many of the children and their parents speak other languages, the Rijswijk local council has designated True Colors as a pre-school and early school education (VVE) centre. VVE focuses on Dutch language development to enable children to benefit fully from their school career in the Netherlands. True Colors works with the VVE accredited programme ‘Uk & Puk’, which all our staff are trained to use.

Early school education with Uk & Puk

Uk & Puk is designed to stimulate development, with the emphasis on linguistic development. Oupuk_2.jpgr use of the Uk & Puk programme is centred around the needs of the toddlers. The main aim of Uk & Puk is to lay the foundations of the Dutch language, giving toddlers the tools they need to enter primary education. The programme also aims to develop the children’s early numeracy and social communication. The activities in the Uk & Puk programme cover ten topic areas corresponding with the toddlers’ own experiences and the way they perceive their surroundings. This ensures that the children acquire language appropriate to the knowledge and skills they already have, so they are more readily able to understand 

Quality standards

Childcare providers are legally obliged to provide a safe and healthy environment, and this is checked annually by carrying out a Risk Audit and Evaluation (RAE). On the basis of the RAE, we draw up an action plan, which we implement and document each year in a report, which you can ask to read at our office.

Parent committee

The goal of the parent committee is to promote the interests of the children and parents. The parent committee is consulted about pedagogical policy, risk audits and other plans. Meetings are held approximately every six weeks. One member of each OC represents their childcare centre at the central SRK Parent Board (Ouderraad ). They represent parents of all the SRK childcare centres.

Transferring to primary school

When your child reaches his or her 4th birthday, it is time to go to primary school. If, for some reason you are unable to find a place for your child,

Some children leave our care to go to a Dutch primary school when they turn four. Other children leave to go to an international school, which may accept pupils from the age of three. Some children who are going to an international school remain with us after their fourth birthday and leave to take up their place at school the following September. If this is the case, it  is possible for him or her to continue coming to True Colors for a while.


  • Eveline van Waas
  • Karel Doormanlaan 1
  • near Plaspoelpolder (EPO and Shell)
  • 2283 AG Rijswijk
  • 070 79 20 270

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