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Inspiration for at home

Fun activities at home for parents/guardians to enjoy with their children

We know you’ve a lot on your plate at the moment. In addition to working from home, you're now also a teacher and responsible for childcare every day. This is quite a task! To help you, we’ve created some fun activities, so you can build in a moment of peace and quiet, or fun with your child every day.


Activities for children

There are plenty of activities for indoors and outdoors. Many are suitable for both. Sport4Kids has created an activities guide, with a fun activity for children of all ages every day. We couldn’t resist sharing them with you. Depending on your child’s age, they may even be able to do some of them on their own. Some activities are active, and others creative. Print out the guide and hang it up at home, so your child can have a new activity every day of the week. Have fun! Download the activities guide by clicking on the image below.

                               0-4 years                                              4-8 year                                                    8+ years

      activities_for_home_0_4_years_22.png      activities_for_home_4_8_years.png        activities_for_home_8_plus_years.png



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